Tinger Armor

Tinger Armor

WHEELED ATV Seats 2 Amphibious 3cyl. 812cc 57hp Engine Optional...
Tinger Track 2

Tinger Track 2

NEW FOR 2019: TRACK 2 TRACKED ATV Improved Steering &...
Tinger Track

Tinger Track (Legacy)

TRACKED ATV Seats 4 Amphibious 3cyl. 812cc 57hp Engine Standard...
Tinger Scout

Tinger Scout (Legacy)

TRACKED MINI-ATV Seats 2 Amphibious Honda Engine: 2 cyl. 690cc...
Tinger T Trailer

Tinger T

AMPHIBIOUS TRAILER Couple with any off-road vehicle MORE THAN JUST...
Tinger Universal Rubber Tracks

Universal Rubber Tracks

Tinger has launched production of improved rubber tracks for wheeled...
UK-Tracks is the UK’s official Tinger distributor.

Tinger vehicles are a great alternative to All Terrain Vehicles (ATV/quad), Utility Task Vehicles (UTV) or other 4×4 off-road vehicles.
The entire range is amphibious and they are suitable for almost any terrain including mud, snow, swamps and water.

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