It is with sincere regret that UK Tracks Limited is now permanently closed.

Tinger vehicles are designed and manufactured in Russia and imported from Russia. Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia introduced by the UK and other governments we are unable to function as a business. We can no longer import any vehicles or parts and as a regrettable outcome of this, we have had to shut down our company.

Our sister company Hughes Movie Supplies Ltd (HMS) is hoping to purchase our remaining stock of Tinger parts and we will be pleased to support existing customers as best we can with advice and parts supply going forward.

It is our hope that if the political situation is resolved in future that another company will take over the Tinger distribution rights within the UK and Tinger vehicles and parts will once again be readily available.

We want to thank all our customers for contributing to our company and are pleased to have worked with you.

Please note, we are the Tinger distributor/dealer for the United Kingdom only.
If you have any questions regarding dealerships outside of the UK or availability/orders outside of the UK please contact the manufacturer via their website here:


Please note: your email will NOT be added to any mailing lists.