Tinger Track 2

NEW FOR 2019


  • Improved Steering & Maneuverability
  • Increased Length
  • Increased Clearance
  • Reinforced Suspension
  • Optional Plastic Hardtop
  • Optional Roof Rack
  • Seats 5 (4 on Water)
  • Amphibious
  • 3cyl. 812cc 57hp Engine
  • 2 Year Warranty


Quad Bike

  • Ride through almost any rugged terrain

UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)

  • Transport people, materials & equipment


  • Move through water

Swamp Buggy

  • Pass through boggy ground & marshland


  • Handle snow-covered areas



From £19,895 + VAT

See also the original model: Track

 Track 2 TR5Track 2 TR5Track 2 TR5
Price (Excluding VAT)
Engine: 3 Cylinder 812cc 57hp
(Chery SQR372)
Cooling: Liquid
Body: HDPE
Suspension: Multi-Link Independent
Steering: Motorcycle Handlebar
Brakes: Hydraulic
Transmission: CVT
Fuel: RON-92 (110 Litres)
Rear Folding Seat
Front Bench Seat with Backrest
Front Ergonomic Seats
12v DC Outlet
Tow Bar (with Brackets)
Electronic Dashboard
Easy Access Lubrication System
Front Bullbar
Frame for Canopy
(with Windscreen & Plastic Hardtop)
Windscreen Wiper
Electric Winch
Bilge Pump
Locker Under Rear Seat
12v DC Twin Outlet
Handles for Rear Passengers
Front Rack
(Installed only with Frame)
Ice Screw
Interior Mesh Pockets (2)

Options if not already included in your chosen package.

Option/AccessoryPrice (Excluding VAT)*Details
Front Ergonomic Seats£409
Safety Belts£55For Front Seats
Frame for Canopy£389With Windscreen & Plastic Hardtop
Frame for Canopy£409With Heated Windscreen & Plastic Hardtop
Canopy£359Installed only with Frame
Front Rack£149Installed only with Frame
Rear Rack£149Installed only with Frame
Side Mirrors£99Installed only with Frame
Front Transom£149For Outboard Motor
Windscreen Wiper£175Installed only with Frame
Windscreen Washer£75Installed only with Frame
Toolkit£145For All Operations
Additional Front LED Lights£299Installed only with Frame
850mm LED Light Bar
Spot Light£139
Interior Heater£739
Twin 12v DC Outlet£20
Interior Mesh Pockets (2)£30
Locker Under Rear Seat£30
Handles for Passengers£30For Rear Seats
Non-Standard Body Colour£110Standard Colour: Tank Green.
Other Options: Blue / Orange / Yellow / Black / Green / Brown
Spare Track (1)£1069Tack Width: 500 mm
Snow Plough£419

*Prices are correct when ordered with any Track model. Additional shipping and/or fitting costs may apply if you are ordering accessories or options after your Tinger Track purchase.

DetailsTrack 2 TR5
Length3430 mm
Width1950 mm
Height1330 mm
Track Width500 mm
Max. Speed22 mph (35 km/h)
Ground Clearance330 mm
Ground Pressure0.039 bar (0.57 psi)
Load Capacity500 kg
Towing Capacity800 kg
Max. Load on Tow Bar100 kg
Shipping Weight950 kg
Fuel Capacity110 Litres (Approx. 24 Hours)
Passengers5 ( 4 on Water)